Tasks – diesel refueling – refilling oil – refilling cooling water

The new generation of mining equipment is extremely productive, extremely large, very expensive and has a very high fuel and oil consumption. Downtimes of these devices are very expensive.

Robust - Perfect - Fast Professional - finest German Quality mining equipment - mobil service mobile service modul mining

We have developed a new mobile service module for this new generation of mining machinery. It is characterized by compact dimensions, large tank capacity, high performance pumps and robust equipment.

The following media are available for the provided services:

  • diesel fuel
  • engine and hydraulic oil
  • cooling water
  • lubricating greases

The daily refueling and maintenance by the employees in a very short time directly, quickly and perfectly in the fi eld, on site of each machine are guaranteed by the mobile service module.

Perfect and fast service means: gain in real production time