Tasks: changing oils, refilling cooling water, repairs – welding

The following media are provided for maintenance services:

  • engine oil
  • 3 types of hydraulic oil
  • transmission oil
  • cooling water
  • washing water
  • waste oil is extracted, removed and disposed of

changing oils repairs - welding on-site - directly at the machines on-site - directly at the machines

Shorter maintenance times are achieved because of the mobile service modul. Refueling and maintenance by the employee directly, quickly and perfectly in the field and on site of each machine are guaranteed.

Perfect and fast maintenance service means:
Gain in real production time and reducing of operating costs.

An integrated high-pressure cleaner with a big washing water tank ensures perfect machine cleaning on-site.

A welding set enables welds and repairs on site.

maintenance truck Truck with maintenance module Mobile service station mining dumper service