General equipment

Tank container type MINOTAUR® and PEGASUS® for storage and transport

  • in ISO design with heavy container frame and 8 ISO-corners
  • single-walled, robust, cubic body made of steel S235 JR
  • general construction supervision approval Z-38.11-143 for
    storage tanks
  • 4 x interchangeable bridge feet mounted on container frame
  • all niches equipped with lighting, light switch and emergency
    shut-off button
  • all niches protected with hinged doors
  • complete installation

a.) Dispensing niche

  • filling system DN 50 for diesel with dry clutch system type
  • filling line with magnetic valve (for overfi ll protection with
    horn and fl ashing light) and manual pump for draining the
  • delivery unit – quality industrial gear pump,
    flow rate: 200 l/min
  • mechanical fl ow meters and fl ow meter pulse
  • 1 x extraction point for diesel 200 l/min, high performance
    nozzle NW 50 Type Wiggins – dry clutch,
    hose reel with 15 m hose length
  • 1 x extraction point for diesel approx. 80 l/min, nozzle type
    ZVA19, hose reel with 10 m hose length
  • 1 x extraction point for engine oil about 13 l/min,
    hose reel with 10 m hose length
  • 1 x extraction point for hydraulic oil approx. 13 l/min,
    hose reel with 10 m hose length
  • 1 extraction point for cooling water for about 13 l/min,
    hose reel with 10 m hose length
  • 2 x extraction points for two different greases,
    each dispensing point approx. 6-8 kg/min
  • oil and coolant nozzle with swivel joint and anti-drip nozzle
  • grease guns with reinforced hose and 4 jaw socket
  • automatic hose reels are spring activated, i.e. the hose is
    rolled up automatically by spring force
  • floor area of the dispensing niche as a drip tray made with
    an approved leak detector OM 5 by WHG § 19
  • digital level gauge for diesel
  • ten-stage LED level indicator for engine oil, hydraulic oil and
    cooling water
  • 2 x compressed air coupling for

b.) Generator niche

  • diesel generator set, electric. continuous power
    about 13 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz
  • three-cylinder diesel engine, water-cooled design
  • generators niche with soundproofi ng, air duct,
    exhaust pipe and exhaust silencer
  • maintenance for generators, easy and comfortable with
    extending platform with integrated day tank approx. 100 l

c.) Electrical niche

  • electricity supply and junction box, centralized control
  • control box for generator
  • wiring of existing electric components
  • electrical niche with air flow

d.) Diesel chamber

  • devided in nine small chambers by surge plates
  • a hatch on the tank roof
  • hole DN 600 Type TS and connection interfaces
  • filling- and return line 2”
  • suction line with foot valve 2.1/2”
  • level limiter type AE 201 overfi ll protection with design
  • level sensor type LC VII radar sensors
  • ventilation valve with tilt safety device AM-911.5
  • emptying including ball valve in the bottom area

e.) Air compressor niche

  • air compressor approx. 10 bar
  • 2 x air surge tank 160 l total
  • air compressor niche with air flow and
    additional cooling fan

f.) Niche for 2 x grease barrels

  • 2 x grease barrels (Ø 590, H: 890 mm) approx. 200 l
  • 2 x grease pumps about 0.6 l/min, driven pneumatically
  • 1 x mobile crane for lifting the barrels out of the niche of
    the roof area

g, h, i.) Engine oil chamber, cooling water tank and hydraulic oil chamber

  • DN 115 inspection opening and connection interfaces
  • delivery unit electric gerotor pump
  • flow rate: about 13 l/min
  • mechanical counter with pulse
  • suction line with foot valve 1”
  • filling line 1” with dry clutch and
  • return line 1/2”
  • filling line 1.1/2” connection in the roof area
  • ventilation valve with tilt AM-911.5
  • emptying including ball valve in the bottom area
  • 4 x level sensor AE-100-E,
    set to 10%, 40%, 75%, 90% including horn

j.) Niche for spare parts

  • 1 x box for spare parts
  • 1 x toolbox

Corrosion protection for outdoor installation:

  • inside: raw, oiled
  • outside: corrosion protection system LA-4-WA for resistance,
    analogous to C4i medium according to EN 12944,
    sandblasted, primed and painted,
    RAL 9010 (pure white)