Advantages – mobile service module for mining

Easy transport, cubic body, robust, interchangeable brigde system

Easy transport
Design features

  • ISO – type according to ISO 668
  • CSC international approval for ship, rail and road
  • high stability and robust construction
  • 8 ISO-corners
  • revolving protection profiles
cubic body
Container body

  • robust, cubic body
  • single-walled steel construction
  • equipment protected in the niches of the tank body
  • every niche secured by a hinged door
  • burglar-proof closure system
  • one key for all locks
Interchangeable brigde system
Interchangeable brigde system

  • allows stable placing of the transport tank container
  • 4 x interchangeable brigde feet
  • dimensions according to DIN EN 284
  • permissible load max. 18.000 kg per pillar
  • adjustable pick up height of 1.080 to 1.430 mm
robust construction

  • tank container in transport design
  • smooth road behavior in rough terrain by surge plates and baffles
  • optimized axle weight and distribution of load
  • low lying balance point on vehicle
Special design
Special design

  • low tank height only 1.500 mm
  • container’s total height only 2.000 mm
  • no problems with low passages
  • removable railing
  • folding access ladder
  • easy access to the roof area
Ease of use
Ease of use

  • fast and convenient access to the fuel nozzles, placed on the reverse side
  • fuel nozzles installed in hand height
  • level indicators and fl ow meter installed at eye level
  • easy access to control panels
  • integrated crane structure for grease traps change

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